My Story
Dave Days is an independent musician and entertainer from a suburb outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who began his internet journey in 2008 where he quickly became one of the most popular channels on YouTube after posting his life online through music and video.

Dave got his first acoustic guitar (thanks Dad!) when he was just 5 years old. After playing in bands and recording local bands around the West Chester, PA area throughout middle school and high school, he began focusing on building his YouTube channel. Using his music & video production knowledge and charismatic personality, he built his channel to 1.5 million subscribers with over 360 million views. His social platforms altogether reach over 2 million people. He landed and lived at the #1 Musician (All Time) spot on the YouTube charts throughout 2010 and 2011, ahead of all major label Vevo channels.

Dave has collaborated with many household brands such as Sony, Kellogs, GE, Carl's Jr, Nestle & more! He headlined the now largest social media tour, "The DigiTour", two years in a row. Dave was nominated for a Teen Choice Award as "Choice Web Star". With over 10 years experience in the digital space, he is now devoting his time to helping others grow successful brands as musicians in the new industry. 
A couple of years ago I was living in my basement in Pennsylvania where I would write my own music, try to produce my songs as best as I could, put them online and even play shows around the local area, hoping people liked what they heard and became fans. Ever since I was young and first got into music. I've always wanted to be a successful musician, but never really knew where to start and in the beginning my songs weren't the best out there. My productions didn't sound like songs on the radio. When I'd play shows live, there weren't that many people there and when I would put songs online, nobody really seemed to care. I remember sending my music to labels with hopes that they would hear it sign me and I'd blow up overnight, but that wasn't the case. Seeing other artists around me getting successful made me feel hopeless.  

Why are they getting successful and I'm not? Is there something wrong with me? It made me feel really doubtful of myself and I would question if I was even meant to be a musician at all. Now around this time I was in school and it was coming to an end, so I had to make a decision, should I stop focusing on music and get a job somewhere I'd probably end up hating, or should I continue making music even though nothing was really happening? It was in that moment where I really thought to myself, what do I really want? What kind of life do I want to live? Do I really want to give up on this and have to live with the regret of not trying? I knew I wasn't the best out there, but I was practicing every day, putting in the work, and I knew I had the drive to do whatever it took to become successful.

It was right there in that moment when I decided I'm not just going to give up and pursue a job or career that I don't even want. I'm going to fully commit my time, and my energy to figuring out how to make this work, and become successful,,, and that's when everything changed. I started learning, bettering my skills, putting myself out there online, out there in any way I could, to get people to notice me. I was doing this all from my basement with my computer, with some basic recording software, and basic knowledge on how to do anything. I just immersed myself with these new tools in this new world and the more I started creating and putting things out there online, the more people started to take notice and trust me. The first videos I put out weren't that amazing, I mean, just look them up! In order to begin anything, you have to start from the first chapter.

But as time went on and I kept doing more and more and really taking action, I started getting better at songwriting. My music production started sounding way better. I started growing a following of people who wanted more. They wanted to hear more of my music, Seymour, my videos for once in my life. It really felt that everything I did in the past and all the dreams I had been a musician were real. The more action I took and bettering myself and just getting myself out there without overthinking things was when success just started to follow. As a result of me just being me and making the music and videos I love and I remember hitting a point after put it in a certain amount of work where opportunities just started falling into my lap. Celebrities I would only see on TV, heroes of mine, I would watch and listen. Growing up saw that I was just doing my thing and growing my following. They would reach out to collab with me. They wanted it on what I was doing and what I've built, like what is happening. My friends back home in college and my parents were like, I mean, we know you moved out to California and decided to pursue your dreams or whatever, but wow what are you doing at Demi Moore's house wearing her bikini? Trust me, I was thinking the same thing. 

I mean for making videos in my basement to be out in California, working with celebrities, like what, what is my life? But what was honestly even core. Then a meeting celebrities in my heroes was playing shows, playing shows for people who were fans of me and my music and what I've been creating online. There's no better feeling than seeing your fans singing your lyrics that you wrote right back at you at your own concert and while I was doing all this stuff, I was making money to people, started buying my music, streaming my music, wearing my merge household brands would reach out and pay me to promote their products in my videos. And I know a lot of you are probably thinking like, yeah, but are you actually able to make a living doing this kind of stuff?  

Well, with all these different revenue streams out enough. Yeah, and to really pull the curtain back and let you guys into my world, some of these brands have paid me up to $50,000 for a single video to promote the products. No joke, and I did all of this independently without a label, without a manager, without anyone telling me what to do or how to live my life. I did it all on my own terms by learning each day, bettering myself, and really figuring out the strategies that work best to become successful as an independent musician and speaking of record labels, major labels were paying me to promote their artists music. Let me just tell you from firsthand experience, things have changed. The music industry has been flipped on top of its head because of the Internet and there is no better time to be an independent musician. Then right now I'm in. Look at me. I'm an introverted kid from a suburb in Pennsylvania. I'm not some like handsome, glamorous pop star or even the best musician out there, but I did it and if this can happen to me, trust me with the right work, this can happen to you too.
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